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NEXT Presentations + XR Talks:  [16/06/2021]: La Nave, Málaga; [18/06/2021]: Universidad de Granada;
[23/05/2021]: Ecooo, Madrid. With Extinction Rebellion Spain, XR Madrid, XR Granada, XR Málaga.

[29/02/2020]: Lecture “Art Practice and Activism in Times of Collapse” by Marta Moreno Muñoz / presentation of 2020: The Walk with Extinction Rebellion Graz. Conference on climate activism: “Barricading the Ice Sheets”, organized by Oliver Resler at Camera Austria.

2020: The Walk at Barricading the Ice Sheets Conference, Camera Austria. Picture taken by Katharina Oberegger.

“Today, the climate movement is stronger than ever. Polite protest is a thing of the distant past. Activists all over the world use mass civil disobedience tactics to disrupt climate-wrecking activities. This conference brings together a group of internationally respected climate movement protagonists working between art and activism. The artist-activists will discuss the movements’ methods, purposes, its past and future, speaking from the perspective of the fields in which they are personally most active. They will describe the strategies that have succeeded in breaking through the sophisticated strategies used by corporations to make pollution, emissions, and responsibility invisible. In bringing together artists involved in activist practices, the program deliberately calls into question the widespread habit of treating “art” and “activism” as distinct categories, professions or “silos,” when in practice the “affinity” between the two is such that they often overlap and sometimes cannot meaningfully be separated at all”. – Presentation of Barricading The Ice Sheets, text by Oliver Ressler .

Marta Moreno Muñoz presenting 2020: The Walk at Camera Austria. Lecture “Art Practice & Activism in Times of Collapse”. Barricading the Ice Sheets: Conference on Artists in The Climate Justice Movement, organized by Oliver Ressler. Picture by Lisbeth Kovacic.
Last roundtable with all participants: Oliver Ressler, Steve Lyons / The Natural History Museum, Marta Moreno Muñoz, Aka Niviâna Mørch Pedersen, Nnimmo Bassey, John Jordan. Picture by Lisbeth Kovacic.
[June, 2019]: 2020: The Walk mentioned in Marta Montojo Torrente’s article “La vergüenza de volar se extiende a Europa”. Ballena Blanca, environment and economy magazine.
[17/08/2019]: The very last flight: Helsinki – Málaga. #DegrowAviation. After presenting the live sound performance “Colapso” at Myymala gallery , Helsinki Night of the Arts where we were reading the XR Declaration of Rebellion with Elokapina – Extinction Rebellion Finland and presented 2020: The Walk.